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The Financial Times this morning reports that “plans to revamp its international e-commerce platform to make it easier for the company to reach customers in new markets.

“The online retailer, the world’s largest by number of visitors, operates online businesses in six countries outside the US. It says it has set up a new team that will create ‘the architectural underpinnings to greatly simplify country expansions’, by translating content into different languages and adjusting taxes, prices and delivery options to better suit customers’ locations.”

The story, by Jonathan Birchall, notes that Amazon’s move “underlines the increasing globalisation of online retailing, as companies such as Gap, the US clothing retailer, and Walmart, the world’s largest retailer by sales, seek to use e commerce sites and cross-border shipping to reach a wider audience.”
KC's View:
And the thing that every retailer needs to understand is that Amazon sells almost everything. So if Amazon comes to your country, or expands its operations there, it means that it is entirely likely that you will be competing with them.