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Reuters Health reports that “rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish is thought to rank high on the list of heart-healthy foods,” though there always have been concerns about the fact that “many fish species that wind up on the plate have high levels of mercury, a known neurotoxin.”

Now comes a study out of Sweden arguing that the good outweighs the bad - that the protective qualities of food are far more significant than the potential exposure to mercury.

However, some scientists dispute the findings, suggesting that the sample fish - from the Baltic Sea - may be different from fish caught elsewhere, and that the research simply is inconclusive.

• Carrefour announced this week that it will launch two new banners in France - Carrefour Express, a convenience concept designed for urban markets and select rural areas, and Carrefour City Cafe, an urban format that will include a restaurant and a strong take-out foodservice component.
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