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USA Today reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Iowa-based Wright County Egg - the company owned by the DeCoster family that was implicated in the salmonella contamination that resulted in more than 1,800 people getting sick and 550 million eggs being recalled - can start selling eggs again.

According to the story, the FDA “outlined the steps that the company has taken to clean up its henhouses, including testing for salmonella enteritidis and clearing up its rodent problem.” The company has promised that it will do “more than is expected of us as we resume operations ... both to ensure our ongoing compliance with FDA regulations and to re-establish successful relationships with our customers."

“During the outbreak, I said that FDA would not agree to the sale of eggs to consumers from Wright County Egg until we had confidence that they could be shipped and consumed safely," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said in a statement. "After four months of intensive work by the company and oversight, testing and inspections by FDA, I am satisfied that time has come."
KC's View:
Okay, I have three questions.

1) You’re sitting at a table. There are two eggs in front of you. One is from any facility owned and/or operated by the DeCoster family. The other is from any facility owned and/or operated by anybody other than the DeCoster family. Which egg do you choose?

2) Margaret Hamburg is sitting at that same table, faced with the same choice. Which egg does she choose?

3) Austin DeCoster is sitting at the table, and has the same choice. Which egg does he choose?