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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports that competition is heating up between Lunds/Byerly’s and Whole Foods, which share similar customer demographics; the latter company is planning to expand in the Twin Cities, with a third and fourth store there on the drawing board.

According to the story, Lunds Food Holdings is considering tearing down and replacing an existing Byerly’s near a new Whole Foods scheduled to open in 2012. And there are reports that the company could also make changes in another store near a planned Whole Foods.
KC's View:
The great advantages that Lunds/Byerly’s has, it seems to me, are a proud legacy in the region and a willingness not to sit on its laurels. When I’ve spoken with Tres Lund and members of his team, it always has been my sense that they share both a restless intelligence and a strong focus on the company’s core competencies.

That’s what good companies need.

This isn’t to say that Whole Foods is easy to compete with. But I think Lunds/Byerly’s is well positioned to bring its A-game to the fray.