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Interesting reactions to yesterday’s piece about Amazon Prime, its role as a loyalty-building for Amazon and the imitations that are being developed by its competitors.

One MNB user wrote:

I had Amazon Prime for one year.  I became very frustrated when many of the items from third party vendors were not eligible.  I still buy from Amazon, but it is not my automatic store.  And, as you point out, some of the benefits are becoming available whether you have Prime or not; but not all of the benefits all of the time.

But another MNB user disagreed:

Self proclaimed Amazon Prime addict for life.

The two day free shipping for anything, the option to ship to various addresses for gift giving had me at hello.

I’m with the latter reader.

We had a story the other day about how Fiji Water is pulling out of Fiji, which led me to suggest that they’ll need to change their name or face charges of false advertising. Which prompted an MNB user to write:

I agree with you 100%. But shouldn’t Coke and Pepsi call their water “Tap Water”? Few companies really want transparency – it would cost them in profits.

At the end of the day, it won;t matter whether companies want transparency. it will be forced on them by a technological world that makes it possible, and a consumer population that demands and expects it.

More commentary on proposals to ban premixed caffeine-and-alcohol drinks such as Four Loko, and how the move might affect the small company that makes the caffeine-infused beer Moonshot 69.

I don’t have a strong position on what, if any regulation should be passed, but it is easy to draw a line; one cannot artificially add caffeine to a drink that exceeds a maximum alcohol content or one can’t artificially add caffeine to an alcoholic drink at all.   It’s ridiculous to think that regulating these types of drinks isn’t within the government’s purview to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens.  Is the brewer of Moonshot ’69 really an innocent victim of unintended consequences?  According to the story, she is adding caffeine not as part of the natural brewing process, but as a stimulant.
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