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The Wall Street Journal reports that Fiji Water has reversed its decision to pull out of the island nation because of a threat of increased taxes, and reopened its bottling plant there.

According to the story, “the company, which is owned by billionaire investors Lynda Resnick and Stewart Resnick, closed the facility Monday, sending about 400 workers home. The shutdown came in response to a move by Fiji's government to impose a steep tax increase on companies that extract large volumes of water from the country. Fiji Water was the sole company affected by the increase.”

But Fiji Water accepted the tax increase yesterday, perhaps in part because the government said it was willing to sell or rent the water company’s assets there to another company.
KC's View:
In this case, it seems like the government held all the cards. Tt would have been hard for Fiji Water to keep selling Fiji water if it were from someplace else.