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Elaine Kaufman, who was the owner of Elaine’s, the Upper East Side New York saloon that, as the New York Times wrote, was “one of the city’s best-known restaurants and a second home for almost half a century to writers, actors, athletes and other celebrities,” died over the weekend at age 81, of complications related to emphysema.
KC's View:
I mention this for one specific reason.

Not to be unkind to the recently deceased, but Elaine’s reportedly had lousy food. Really lousy food.

But what it did have was a) generous drinks, and B) a reputation for being friendly to people who were either creative or famous, and doubly friendly to people who were both. in other words, it was a comfort zone.

That’s an important component. In the case of Elaine’s, the most important component.

I’m not suggesting that every retail business can or should be like Elaine’s.

But I do think that people who run stores can or should look and say, are we a comfort zone for our customers?

Comfort can mean a lot of different things for different people.

But it is a goal worth pursuing.