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In Minnesota, the Pioneer Press reports that Target “is enjoying a strong holiday season, and research into consumer buying habits released Tuesday added to the shine.

“Retail researcher Britt Beemer surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers since Black Friday and found Target's popularity grew significantly. Target shopping trips this past weekend were up 50 percent from last year - while consumer visits to archrival Wal-Mart slumped.”

Target’s strength, according to analysts, is its apparel business, and is likely to become more of an advantage as Christmas draws closer. The story suggests that Walmart’s strength is electronics, but it is believed that the later it gets in the holiday shopping season, the more people will move toward budget-priced clothing and away from higher-priced clothing.
KC's View:
It is a limited sample, and it certainly helps that in this case Target is the home team. But the survey certainly points to an ongoing and tightening competitive struggle between these two superstore titans.