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Wine Spectator reports that a new study by French researchers has found that the “hearts of those who regularly consume wine and omega-3 fatty acids have 20 percent more heart tissue, indicating a cardiovascular system that regenerates with regularity.”

According to the story, the study found “lower rates of heart disease among those who ate fish and drank wine regularly. ‘Interactions between wine consumption and the metabolism of [omega-3] polyunsaturated fatty acids might substantially contribute to the cardioprotective effect of regular and moderate wine drinking,’ the text read.

“The optimal amount of wine, they report, is around two to four glasses per day paired with fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, particularly cold water fish with oily, fatty flesh, such as anchovies, herring and mackerel. They add that the choice of wine should not greatly impact the heart benefits, but that beer and spirits drinkers are unlikely to see similar benefits.”
KC's View:
Now, this is my kind of study. Let’s grill the fish and pass the Albarino...