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• Published reports in Canada say that Safeway there is replacing Starbucks kiosks in four locations with Tim Hortons shops. The change was made because the in-store Starbucks were competing with nearby freestanding Starbucks; Safeway currently has 162 Starbucks kiosks in Canada, out of its total of 213 stores.

• The Wall Street Journal reports that “a federal judge in California ruled Tuesday that a lawsuit alleging Costco Wholesale Corp. workers were required to work overtime without compensation could proceed as a state class action in California and a conditional collective action nationwide.” The original suit dates back to 2009, and charges that Costco locked overnight workers in their store “at the end of their shift until managers finished chores such as emptying cash registers and removing jewelry from display cases.

“The plaintiffs allege the company did not pay its employees for lock-in time, in violation of California wage and hour laws and federal statute. The plaintiffs said the lock-in periods lasted typically from 10 to 30 minutes.”
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