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Bloomberg reports that McDonald’s plans to ramp up its expansion in China, with a goal of opening as many as 200 stores there in 2011 and increasing its investment there by 40 percent.

McDonald’s currently operates about 1,100 stores there - about half the number of KFC stores in China.

"We're committed to China, changing the face of the brand to become a place where young consumers want to come and stay," said Kenneth Chan, McDonald's chief executive of China, adding, “It took us 19 years to get to 1,000 stores. Now it's time to pick up the pace.”
KC's View:
They give us Moo Shoo Pork, Dumplings and Sesame Chicken. We give them tasteless fast food hamburgers and crappy chicken. (Though, admittedly, pretty good fries.)

Hardly seems like a fair trade.