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by Kevin Coupe

Jay Baer, who writes a blog about social media, had an interesting entry this week about New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s approach to building teamwork.

“Unlike most NFL teams, the Jets do not control players’ media access,” Baer wrote. “Any player is free to speak with any reporter at any time. Ryan has just one rule that governs the interactions between players and press:

In all interviews, players must acknowledge at least two teammates, and one coach.

Baer adds, “Football is a group exercise, and ensuring that players are talking about other members of the team in addition to themselves drives that point home with clarity and conviction.

That’s an eye-opening approach to professional sports, where so many athletes seem more concerned with self than they do with their teams.

And, it is an approach that easily can be integrated into business.

A corollary to this rule is one of my friend Jim Donald’s leadership tenets - that it is critical to remember that nobody is more important than the people on the front line.

Spreading the responsibility and the credit can have the effect of spreading the wealth ... because it can lead to business and personal success.

Here’s how Jay Baer puts it:

“Quit talking about yourself so much, and talk more about your customers, business partners, employees, and friends. Don’t just tell stories about what your products do, but rather tell the human stories of the people your products help.

“Learn from Rex Ryan. The more you shine the spotlight on other people, the more they’ll shine that light back on you.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.
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