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In Monday Night Football action, the Chicago Bears defeated the Minnesota Vikings 40-14.
KC's View:
Personally, I’ve never been a huge Brett Favre fan. Never had anything against him particularly, but just not a fan. I wasn’t happy with his brief tenure with the Jets, and lately it seemed to me that his pursuit of his consecutive game streak was more important to him than his team’s fortunes, and that he was more focused on himself than his teammates.

But I have to say that last night, I became a Favre fan. The streak was over, the game conditions impossible, and he’s an old man (by football standards) recovering from a tough injury. And yet, to everyone’s surprise, he started the game - and he was out there flinging the ball around and looking, at least for a few minutes, like a man decades younger than he is. The game didn’t end well for him, as he went out with yet another injury, and the guessing seems to be that his storied career is over. But he looked utterly in love with the game last night ... and I’m a fan of people who love what they do.