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The Winston-Salem Journal reports that Lowes Foods is putting its Lowes Foods To Go service on the fast track.

According to the story, the company is testing in two stores an Express service that allows people ordering 15 items or fewer to do so online or via the phone and then puck them up in an hour or less; normally, the Foods To Go ordering service requires a three-hour lead time.
KC's View:
I like this idea a lot; I also would note that for better or worse, it raises the bar on consumer expectations, which is something that Lowes and other retailers will have to deal with in coming weeks and months. But raised expectations are never a bad thing, in my view.

The only caveat I would have is this: The Express service replicates one of the central dichotomies of the supermarket experience, which is that the less you buy, the better service you get. (No express lines for people spending hundreds of dollars! You have to wait behind the other people spending hundreds of dollars...)

That said, this seems to be acceptable to most customers, so Lowes isn’t making a mistake by offering the Express service.