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The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Kroger “is leading a group of grocery and convenience store chains in a lawsuit against many of the nation's largest egg producers, egg processors and their trade groups.

“Kroger and others companies including Walgreen Co., Safeway Inc. and Albertsons LLC. claim those egg-associated entities have engaged in a decade-long price fixing conspiracy for eggs sold to stores and restaurants nationwide ... In the lawsuit, filed Nov. 16 in federal court in Pennsylvania, the plaintiffs claim that the United Egg Producers, United Egg Association, United States Egg Marketers Inc. and 14 egg producers and processors agreed to reduce the supply of eggs in order to artificially increase prices. The suit claims this resulted in a price increase of 45 percent between August 2007 and March 2008 to historic and unprecedented highs.”

The defendants in the case are either saying that they will defend themselves aggressively or are not commenting.
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