retail news in context, analysis with attitude reports on a JP Morgan analysis suggesting that 2011 “e-commerce revenue will grow to $680 billion worldwide up 18.9 percent from 2010 revenue. Online retail commerce in the U.S. alone will grow 13.2 percent to $187 billion. J.P. Morgan anticipates that global e-commerce revenue will hit a whopping $963 billion by 2013.

“The number of people who shop online keeps increasing, with 38 percent buying at least once per month. And the percentage of people who don’t shop online declined to 12 percent in 2010 from 20 percent in 2007. Higher income consumers shop online the most often, with 34 percent of those making $100,000 or more shopping online at least three times per month.”
KC's View:
Check out the email in “Your Views” with one assessment of the online shopping experience, and you’ll see why online keeps growing.