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Got the following email from MNB user Joe Davis regarding our Eye-Opener about the growth of mobile marketing and the enormous acceptance by consumers:

Great Eye-Opener with “Upwardly Mobile”.  We’ve been doing some work with a few of our key clients recently that has really surprised some of their executive teams in how connected their shoppers are to the internet, particularly on the go.  I personally use the Amazon PriceCheck app religiously to compare prices as I’m in stores – the savings are real, not to mention how much fun it is.  And yet, you can still see advertising along the lines of “The lowest prices in town”.  Well who gives a flip about that when you have shoppers standing in your store, scanning your items, and ordering them from whatever corner of the globe has the best deal.  Granted, not everyone is a “shopper without boundaries”….yet. 

Technology is evolving faster than we can hardly comprehend, a Verizon iPhone is impending, the active internet population is surging – Mr. Friedman’s flat world is coming to CPG like a speeding train.  No doubt, as with all technological revolutions, there will be some who get hit, some who try and jump out of the way, and others that jump onboard and have a splendid time.


I wrote the other day about my feeling that the media is way overplaying the story of Ted Williams, the homeless man with the incredible voice who has been celebrated, hired by a wide range of companies, and, some would say, exploited by TV shows looking to goose their own ratings.

One MNB user wrote:

You are right on! I hope some terrible story about this guy doesn’t surface.

Another MNB user wrote:

It makes me feel like we are living a new release of Network.

Me, too.

From another MNB user:

Well, I am officially disgusted with the media on the Ted Williams thing.  I am glad he is getting another chance, but this craziness with the three big morning shows fighting to be the first out with Ted's reconnection to his 90 year old mother.  This morning I flipped thru ABC, CBS and NBC and all three appeared to be interviewing Ted and his Mom simultaneously.... Then I noticed, under George Stephanopulous was the banner: LIVE...

Three ring circus indeed...

The circus goes on.

It was reported yesterday that Williams was involved in an altercation with his daughter in a Los Angeles hotel, and detained by police. No arrests were made but the investigation continues.

I suspect we’ll see shows like “Today” and “Good Morning America” exploit his missteps and mistakes as fast as they exploited his redemption. He’s a human being and he’ll make mistakes - but the TV shows will see him only as fodder for the next six minute segment.

Yesterday’s notes about the passing of Bullitt director Peter Yates, included my retelling a story about Steve McQueen’s driving expertise, and finishing with a business lesson - if you’re going to go fast, make sure you have the right guy behind the wheel.

Which led one MNB user to respond with a quote from John Paul Jones:

”I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way.”

Good one.

We’ve been talking a bit here on MNB about last weekend’s Tucson shootings - not because it is specifically relevant to the business issues that we focus on each day, but because it is a national issue that simply seemed too important to ignore. And besides, one of the things that makes MNB different is the idea what we can talk here about anything we feel like talking about.

One MNB user wrote:

I was going to send an email of Thanks for your thoughts yesterday and did not.  Since you are receiving some negative blowback for your thoughts about the Tucson tragedy I thought I had better weigh in on the positive side today.

You are so right.  Terrorism does not have a color, religious belief or political ideology.  Thank you for yesterday’s thought and today’s long quote from Robert Kennedy’s speech.

My pleasure.

MNB user Chris O’Brien wrote:

I agree that Jon Stewart gave perhaps the best reaction to this sad situation that I’ve heard so far. I hesitate to take any part of his monologue out of context, because it is refreshingly non partisan, and does not attempt to blame this tragedy on politics. That said, he did make a worthy statement regarding the need to raise the standards of political discourse when he said, “It would be really nice if the ramblings of crazy people didn’t in any way resemble how we actually talk to each other on TV. Let’s at least make troubled individuals easier to spot.”


And speaking of ramblings...

MNB user Steven Barry sent us an email that we posted yesterday, suggesting that I was picking only on conservatives and the Tea Party when I lamented the toxic discourse that seems so common today. (I did not, by the way. I actually said that everybody had to take some responsible for not being civil.)

Well, he’s back for more.

It’s amazing, when a liberal speaks out, we need to riot in the streets and we advocate any means to protect that speech but now we need to think twice about what we say in terms of our political views.  What a bunch of garbage.  You don’t have to say who you blaming.  We all get it.  When liberal MSNBC commentators (Chris Mathews) talked about sticking an explosive into a conservative talk show hosts head and then watching it explode, you all laughed and thought it was funny.  No damnation what so ever.  Not even a day off of work for that person. Additionally, you did not hear one Conservative person try to limit his free speech.  But the tea party stands up against an administration who is bankrupting our country, destroying the best healthcare system in the ENTIRE world, it’s called hate speech and we’ll need to think twice about what we say(your words) and it has consequences.  I understand Free Speech is only important to a Liberal when they agree with what’s being said.  You ask that Sherriff down there facts about the case and all he had is a bunch of political BS with not a speck of fact based evidence.  I understand he having those opinions as he’s entitled but have some Class and find an appropriate time and place and DO YOUR JOB.  He should be fired.  His primary focus should be finding evidence and directing his subordinates to stay focused on the same in order to get a conviction on the person responsible.  I have some liberal friends that are embarrassed an appalled at the behavior of our public officials during this tragedy. 

Did you here anyone on the right march out in front of the cameras saying the following? This could have been done but it would have been extremely tasteless and obviously insensitive to the entire situation which is the real crime here.
“See what happened today when these kids today do these new drugs, having Hallucinations and see what Happens.”
“See what happens when these kids go around reading these Communist Manifestos……bla bla bla”
“See what happens to these Liberals (who I will guarantee this kid was) when they don’t get their way.  When people don’t agree with everything Liberal, they go around shooting everyone.”
I know this in inappropriate but I’m using this as an example of how people are using this horrific act of a deranged man to push there political agenda.  The blood was barely even dry and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

I debated with myself about whether to run this email. On the one hand, I think people who disagree with me still ought to get a hearing here on MNB ... and I don’t believe in censorship.

On the other hand, maybe I have a responsibility to not post comments that I view as sheer lunacy ... and symptomatic of the problems that we face as a society.

But I went with posting the comments, because I believe that light is the best disinfectant, as Louis Brandeis once said.
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