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    Published on: January 17, 2011

    WorldPayEnd-to-End Encryption Now Commercially Available from WorldPay

    WorldPay, a global leader in card payments, is partnering with McKeever's Price Chopper, a leading Midwestern grocery store chain, which becomes the first merchant to implement the WorldPay End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) Solution. McKeever's Price Chopper has begun piloting WorldPay E2EE and, upon completion of the pilot, will roll out the solution to all of its stores.

    The WorldPay E2EE Solution benefits the marketplace by encrypting the card number within tamper-resistant hardware at the Point of Sale and then encrypting the data right through to WorldPay's acquiring host.

    "McKeever's is a customer-focused organization and we strongly believe in doing as much as we can to protect our customer's data. WorldPay's E2EE Solution enables us to more fully protect our customer's data", said Alan McKeever, President of McKeever's. "In addition, because cardholder data will no longer be stored or transmitted within our network, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to reduce our PCI scope and associated costs."

    Unlike competing software-only encryption solutions, the WorldPay E2EE solution stores the encryption keys and encrypts the cardholder data within a TRSM and 1) blocks attempts at hardware tampering, 2) prevents access to the encryption keys, and 3) ensures that all sensitive cardholder data is encrypted in a secure environment.

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