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by Kevin Coupe

Advertising Age reports that when Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily is launched in a few weeks as the nation’s first newspaper designed specifically for tablet computers like the iPad (which will have a period of exclusivity during the rollout), it will have sponsors that include Pepsi, Macy’s, Verizon Wireless and Virgin America.

According to the story, The Daily is “one of the biggest bets on traditional journalism in years on any platform - 100 writers, editors and designers have been hired for the project - since Conde Nast sunk $100 million into Portfolio magazine.” When it launches, “The Daily will sell subscriptions through Apple's App Store: 99¢ a day after a two-week trial, according to people briefed on the project, plus the ability to push new content to the app throughout the day.”

It is hard to know how The Daily will turn out, but it is certainly is worth paying attention to - it is a reflection of how the delivery of content is changing in some fundamental ways. I’m guessing that almost a buck a day will prove to be too expensive for most people, and that subscription rates will have to be established that will bring the e-paper into line with sub rates for the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. But I wouldn’t bet against Murdoch and The Daily ... and I’d certainly start trying to figure out how to gain access to the people who will be reading it.

And that’s our Tuesday Eye-Opener.
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