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The number of US convenience stores grew 1.2 percent over the past year and stands at 146,341 as of December 31, 2010, according to the NACS/Nielsen TDLinx 2011 Convenience Industry Store Count, released today.

According to the report, “This increase in the NACS/Nielsen TDLinx 2011 Convenience Industry Store Count reversed a two-year drop in the store count and is the highest number of stores ever recorded, eclipsing the 146,294 stores from the 2008 count ... With the US Census Bureau data showing the U.S. population at 308.7 million, there is one convenience per approximately every 2,100 residents. NACS’ 2009 sales data shows that convenience store sales were $511 billion, or one of every 28 dollars spent in the country in 2009.”
KC's View:
The thing is, these are not yesterday’s convenience stores. They are multi-faceted stores that are competing on a number of levels with traditional supermarkets ... and that will continue to evolve and compete aggressively for share of stomach.