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Shine, an online magazine from Yahoo!, has an interesting piece on what consumers looking for bargains should and should not buy at Whole Foods, suggesting that value-driven shoppers should skip its selection of conventional fruits and vegetables, the entire meat counter, and the HBC department.

On the other hand, the story also notes that price-oriented shoppers can find good deals by shopping Whole Foods’ private brands and bulk foods. And, the story notes, shoppers with other priorities and who define “value” in other ways can find products worth acquiring when shopping for local and organic produce, local and/or sustainably raised meat, seafood and dairy products, and healthy, natural food products you can’t find elsewhere.

Internet Retailer reports that “MyWebGrocer Inc. and ItemMaster LLC announced yesterday they entered a partnership that will provide MyWebGrocer’s retailer clients with free product images and data for use in their digital circulars, web sites, mobile applications and ad networks.

“ItemMaster is the brainchild of Thomas Parkinson, co-founder of online grocer Peapod ... ItemMaster, which launched in 2009, was built to manage the thousands of images of the products online grocers carry and information on item ingredients and nutrition, Parkinson says ... Grocers using ItemMaster so far include Giant Food, Peapod and Stop & Shop. Participating manufacturers include The Hershey Co., Newman's Own Inc. and Perdue Inc.

“Traditionally, retailers paid for these product images and data. But under terms of the partnership with ItemMaster, MyWebGrocer clients will now have free access to high-quality product images and greater depth of information about what’s in the products.”

Full disclosure: MyWebGrocer is a longtime and valued MNB sponsor.
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