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Fortune is out with its annual “Best Companies To Work For” list, and among those making the grade this year are retailers such as Wegmans (#3), Zappos (#6), Nugget Market (#8), Stew Leonard’s (#18), the Container Store (#21), Whole Foods (#24), Quik Trip (#34),Publix (#67), Nordstrom (#74), and Starbucks (#98).

Other food industry-related companies making the list are General Mills (#58), SC Johnson (#70), JM Smucker (#93), and Accenture (#99).

At the top of the list this year, for the third year in a row, is software firm SAS, which Fortune lauds for what it calls “epic” perks: “on-site healthcare, high quality childcare at $410 per month, summer camp for kids, car cleaning, a beauty salon, and more -- it’s all enough to make a state-of-the-art, 66,000-square-foot gym seem like nothing special by comparison.”
KC's View:
One interesting note in the compilation this year is the list of the 15 companies out of the 100 finalists that have never had layoffs - and they include Wegmans, Nugget, Stew Leonard’s, The Container Store, Quik Trip, and Publix - which is an extraordinary legacy for these retailers to have, and an exceptional argument for these companies to make about their contributions to their communities.