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United Press International reports that a Canadian company, Mood Media, “is developing scents aimed at keeping customers inside businesses longer, giving them more time to spend money.” The company “has already developed scents called ‘Lotus Flower’ and ‘Enchanted Apple’ and is working with over 20,000 shops in Britain to boost their sales,” according to the story, which goes on, “The company is also working with shops in Britain to help them use sound as well as visual media, to boost sales.”
KC's View:
It always has been my contention that many food stores have virtually ignored the advantages that scents can give them ... the aroma of fresh bread, or cookies, or garlic, or freshly prepared foods can be enormous mood-setters and sale-generators because they make people hungry. The sad truth that if you placed blindfolded people in the middle of most supermarkets, they’d have no idea that they are in a food store.

I think the smells have to be organic to the experience, and I’m not sure that “Lotus Flower” does it for me. But the idea is on the right track.