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The San Francisco Chronicle reports on a sign of an economic recovery: “Total U.S. wine sales rose 4.1 percent to $9.32 billion for the 52 weeks that ended Dec. 11, according to the most recent data from Nielsen Co. The fastest-growing segment was wine priced at $20 and up, with sales gaining 11 percent. Wines under $3 declined 0.6 percent.”

The general feeling seems to be that this trend will continue, especially because “some of the biggest buyers of fine wine are the ‘millennial’ generation, consumers in their 20s and 30s who make up the biggest age cohort since the Baby Boomers. They're drinking more wine than previous generations and aren't afraid to pay for quality.” Manufacturers, according to the story, are starting to be more aggressive about using technological marketing options such as Facebook and YouTube to gain access to these shoppers.
KC's View:
One of the opportunities posed by an improving economy is for retailers who can sell wine to develop wine clubs that can introduce interested customers to new products and get them to raise the price point they find acceptable.