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• The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) announced that it has created an Industry Affairs and Collaboration Division, following a restructuring process aimed at enhancing member services and organizational efficiencies.  The new division takes the place of three former GMA departments: Industry Affairs, Membership Services and Meetings, with the staff of each group assigned to new roles under the Industry Affairs and Collaboration banner.

According to the announcement, “The Industry Affairs and Collaboration Division will continue to support GMA’s strategic areas of focus on product safety, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and global commerce, with a special emphasis on facilitating industry collaboration and efficiency on these and other matters.  The group will also work cross-functionally to identify and execute opportunities for business development and to provide first-rate service to the GMA membership.”

• The Los Angeles Times reports that the “Wendy's/Arby's Group Inc. is considering selling its struggling Arby's business and concentrating more on its expansive Wendy's hamburger chain ... The Atlanta restaurant operator has experienced softness at both its Wendy's and Arby's locations, but Arby's has long been suffering because its sandwiches can cost $5 or more, more expensive than many other fast-food offerings.”

Arby’s started offering lower-priced options late last year, but apparently that move wasn’t successful enough fast enough to satisfy the parent company.
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