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The Wall Street Journal reports that “as the annual selling season gets under way for the organization's iconic cookies, Girl Scouts councils are beginning to say adios to Dulce de Leche, no thanks to Thank U Berry Munch and farewell to a whole slew of other varieties added in recent years.

“To cut costs and increase revenue, a dozen Girl Scouts councils are testing out a plan to hawk just six different cookies.”

And at least some troops are getting a lesson in entrepreneurship. The Journal also notes that “to boost flat cookie sales,” Girl Scouts in Nassau County, New York have been taking seminars from a professional consultant in how to sell more cookies.
KC's View:
Ironic that the takes note of the Nassau troop...since Nassau is a county in so much trouble that New York State - itself suffering from a lot of fiscal difficulties - has seized control of its finances.

If the Girl Scouts there are able to make any progress, maybe they could just put the kids in charge of the government.