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The Oakland Tribune reports that Tesco-owned, US-based Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets is considering a tweak of its small-store format to make it even smaller.

According to the story, Fresh & Easy “is eyeing small store formats as it scouts for additional locations to place its shops in Northern California, the retailer confirmed Thursday.

“The new and smaller formats would likely be about 5,000 square feet. Fresh & Easy's traditional markets range in size from 10,000 to 15,000 square feet ... The smaller size would provide Fresh & Easy additional options as it seeks locations throughout California,” allowing it to open units in existing and mixed-use developments that currently are not suitable for its format.

Fresh & Easy, which currently has 150 stores in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada, plans to open more than a dozen stores in Northern California locations, starting in March.
KC's View:
I’ve actually sort of though for a while that Fresh & Easy stores, as small as they are, have some wasted space ... so there’s no reason to think that the company can’t make this work. In fact, it strikes me as entirely possible that a smaller size could give Fresh & easy a level of focus that some of think it does not yet have.