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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Walmart, emboldened by the likelihood that the San Diego City Council will repeal the ordinance that makes it difficult for it to build supercenters there, would like to open as many as a dozen stores there within the next five years.

According to the story, “The company's vice president of public affairs Maggie Sans told City News Service that no building sites had been identified, but it was Wal-Mart's intent to have stores across the city. Sans says the proposed stores would range from smaller neighborhood markets of 30,000 square feet to superstores.”

It was reported earlier this week that the City Council seems likely to repeal the ordinance because Walmart collected enough signatures to force a referendum on the issue; the Council seems more inclined to simply repeal the ordinance rather than spend more than three million dollars that it doesn’t have on a special election.
KC's View:
Didn’t waste a lot of time on that one, did they?

And I’d be willing to bet that if the City Council vote goes Walmart’s way on Tuesday, it’ll probably take until Thursday to identify some building sites.