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• The Women Grocers of America (WGA) announced that Stephanie Skylar, president/CEO of Chief Super Market, Inc., a family-owned, regional supermarket chain with 12 stores in northwest and west central Ohio, will be presented with the WGA Woman of the Year Award on Tuesday, February 15, 2011.  Skylar will receive her award during the Chairman's Dinner and Gala at the 2011 National Grocers Association (N.G.A.) Annual Convention and Supermarket Synergy Showcase in Las Vegas.

According to the announcement, “the WGA Woman of the Year award recognizes an industry woman whose leadership has contributed to the success of her company.  This woman must be a member of the National Grocers Association and other industry organizations whose participation and involvement contributes/contributed to the overall well-being of the grocery industry; and must be a community-focused citizen committed to serving the needs of her neighbors, associates and customers through involvement in community and civic affairs.”

• The BBC reports that the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told Walmart-owned Asda Group to change its advertising that promised “to refund customers the difference during their next shop if they found groceries cheaper at the other major stores.” Tesco and William Morrison Supermarkets complained that the comparisons were too limited to be legitimate, and the ASA agreed.
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