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The Middletown Journal reports that Marsh Supermarkets has decided it will change the name of six of its 99 stores, converting them to a “MainStreet Market” banner. According to the story, “According to the company, there will be a new logo on buildings, road signs and display signs and tags throughout the stores that have the change.”

“Operating under the name MainStreet Market will enable us to take the best of what Marsh stands for in these communities and add a much more customized marketing approach for these stores,” said Frank Lazaran, Marsh chairman, chief executive officer and president, in a news release. He added, “Consumer research has consistently indicated that while our initial strategy aimed to better position and differentiate our stores according to their size and varying consumer demands, the fact that both banners continued to operate under the Marsh name limited our ability to do so.”
KC's View:
I was thinking of changing my name to George Clooney, figuring that this would instantly make me more successful and popular.

But then reality set in, and I realized that I’d have to lose weight, get plastic surgery, get my teeth fixed, learn how to act, and spend a dozen or years or so doing bad situation comedies before getting a hit TV series and using that as a launching pad into the movies. Just changing my name, I guess, won’t do it. At least, not all by itself.

I trust the folks at Marsh know this.