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The San Antonio Express News reports that H-E-B president/COO Craig Boyan gave a speech last week to the St. Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Breakfast Series in which he said the key to his company’s continuing success was “restless dissatisfaction,” which pushes its people to “constantly want to make our business better.”

According to the story, “H-E-B has used that philosophy to become one of the nation's fastest growing retailers even during the recent recession, the executive said. More growth is anticipated even though H-E-B is not planning to expand outside of its current footprint in Texas and Mexico, said Boyan,” who added that “H-E-B has outperformed Wal-Mart since consumer spending began to sag as the recession hit. Pricing is a big part of it. Boyan said H-E-B's prices typically are 1 percent to 2 percent below Wal-Mart's.”
KC's View:
“Restless dissatisfaction” sounds like a pretty good credo to me.