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USA Today reports that faced with a government-mandated phase out of incandescent light bulbs next year, in favor of more energy efficient light bulbs, at least some consumers are stockpiling the old bulbs as a hedge.

The story says that “about 13% of Americans said they would stock up on 100-watt incandescents and continue using them after they are phased out in January,” according to a survey conducted by Osram Sylvania. “The 75-watt version will be phased out in 2013, and the 60-watt and 40-watt in 2014.”

writes that “such reports are common whenever a new standard is introduced, says the Natural Resources Defense Council's Noah Horowitz. He says consumers will still be able to buy incandescents, but new ones will have more-efficient halogen capsules.”
KC's View:
Here’s the paragraph from the story that I think is most noteworthy:

Home Depot stores in California, where 100-watt incandescent bulbs were banned Jan. 1, a year ahead of the national schedule, has seen an uptick in sales of incandescents. But CFLs are selling better, too, thanks to increased awareness, says spokeswoman Jean Niemi.

Sometimes you have to lead by not just doing what the government requires, but by being both progressive and aggressive.