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• The Boston Herald reports that Mayor Thomas Menino there said that if Walmart wants to open stores there, “the retail colossus must promise quality jobs and a commitment to Hub neighborhoods.”

“I’m very concerned about how they treat their employees ... I want to make sure they are good jobs, that their employees get health insurance, retirement plans — all the benefits everyone else gets,” Menino told the Herald.

According to the story, “The world’s biggest retailer has been meeting quietly with city councilors to lay the groundwork for opening one or more stores in Boston.

“Wal-Mart executives have not yet met with Menino or the Boston Redevelopment Authority to discuss expansion plans. But the five-term mayor — the final arbiter over what gets built in the city — said he’s troubled by accusations the bargain behemoth mistreats its workers.”

Boston is on Walmart’s radar now that it has made deals that will allow it to expand in Chicago, and is working to break down objections to its opening stores in New York City.
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