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by Kevin Coupe

Here’s a stat that may come as a surprise to some people.

Mobile Commerce Daily reports on a new survey saying that six out of 10 people with smart phones say that they have used those phones to buy physical goods during the past six months.

The story notes that “compared to their peers, iPhone users, men and consumers ages 30-49 makes purchases more frequently, buy goods in more categories and generally spend more time shopping via mobile devices than their peers.” In addition, the story says, “When it comes to dollars spent, proportionally more iPhone users – 66 percent – report spending $250 or more on mobile purchases in the last 12 months compared to their peers, followed by BlackBerry users at 58 percent.”

There are some other interesting behavioral snapshots in the story; for example, more people seemed to like using mobile browsers than “apps” for shopping experiences. And women like visual features that heighten the experience, giving them more information about things like color, size, and distinctive features of the products they are buying.

But the ultimate message of the survey, which was conducted by Adobe, is that mobile commerce is a current reality, not a future trend ... and so retailers need to begin optimizing their mobile shopping offerings now.

Because six out of 10 smart phone users are already doing it.

That’s our Tuesday Eye-Opener.
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