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CNBC has a piece about Walmart’s ongoing travails in the US - it recently announced that it suffered its seventh consecutive quarter of declining same-store sales, and its stock has been getting hammered as a result.

According to the piece, “Walmart locations have long suffered a ‘convenience gap,’ compared with smaller competitors such as dollar stores, Aldi and drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens,” Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners, tells CNBC about recent research he has conducted.

“This is because most families shop differently nowadays. Pressed for time, they make fewer ‘pantry-loading’ trips, where they would spend more than an hour in the store stocking up on a number of goods, Johnson said.

“Instead, families make ‘fill-in trips,’ where they run into a store and grab a few items they need on their way home from work; or they make ‘rifle-shot’ trips, where they go out shopping for one item that they want to buy. With their massive size, Walmart stores are difficult to manage for these shorter trips. Instead, consumers are looking to smaller stores, where they can run in and run out.”
KC's View:
Hence, the new emphasis on the Neighborhood Markets and the new Express format. The question is whether Walmart’s current management can recapture the magic, and how long a rope they’ve been given by the board.