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Bloomberg reports that “as McDonald’s Corp. morphs into a more upscale chain, there’s one person you won’t see munching salads, sipping a cappuccino and surfing the Web: Ronald McDonald, age 48.

“While Ronald still plays an ambassador role, he isn’t tied to the menu, says spokeswoman Danya Proud. Even as mascots like Burger King’s King shill on TV and the Web, Ronald has ceded the limelight to budding singers and dancers who sell mochas and frappes -- not Happy Meals ... Amid intensifying concern over surging obesity rates, the chain has distanced itself from its fast food origins, adding café-friendly items such as fruit smoothies and dolling up restaurants with free WiFi and padded seats.”
KC's View:
And so, it seems that the bottom line has done what Ronald McDonald critics could not do - get rid of the clown.

It was less than a year ago that some people suggested that Ronald ought to be retired because he was enticing kids to eat poorly and get obese, and the company’s CEO had to come out and defend him as a “force for good.”

Maybe so, but not, apparently, a force for profit.