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Got the following email from MNB user Chris Dean regarding yesterday’s story about Vera Jane Mayne, wife of the late Calvin Mayne, who founded Dorothy Lane Markets in Dayton, Ohio, in 1948, who passed away on Monday. She was 105.

He wrote:

I reiterate your comments on Mrs. Mayne, having had the privilege to visit the three stores run by the Mayne family and talk to the staff and customers. You could see the strength of the family coming through the business. It was not always about the bottom line. As one staff member told me, Norman Mayne not only knew her husband’s name but also that of her dog and would ask about them when they met in store.

These are the life experiences that stick with you and from over here in Australia I still use the philosophy and practice of the Mayne family and their staff when talking to retail industry representatives as one of the exceptional models they should base not only their business but their life dealings on.

Exceptional family, and an exceptional legacy.

And on another subject, I got about fifty emails yesterday about the commentary I offered about the ice-cream-made-from-human-breast-milk story.

And all I can say is this.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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