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The Chicago Sun Times reports that the newly elected mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, has applauded the opening by Supervalu-owned Save-A-Lot of five new supermarkets in city neighborhoods that did not have access to decent food stores.

Emanuel said that the lack of access experienced by an estimated 600,000 of the city’s residents is “unconscionable,” and said that once he takes office, he will convene a meeting with all of the city’s supermarket chains and ask them to develop a plan to serve all of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

According to the story, “Emanuel had made increasing access to healthy food a platform of his campaign, pledging to use federal programs to make investing in low-income communities more attractive to food retailers. And he suggested he would pressure retailers looking to open stores in more affluent neighborhoods to consider other parts of the city as well.”
KC's View:
One gets the sense that between political pressure and Walmart’s desire to expand its urban presence, we’re going to see real changes in Chicago.