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• The Arizona Republic reports on what has been a common story in the food industry - “general merchandisers, drugstores, dollar stores and other traditionally non-food retailers are scrambling to add fresh food and more groceries to their shelves. They see groceries as an opportunity to boost customer visits, increase shopper loyalty and add to their profit margins ... The trend could mean more convenience and lower prices for consumers, but more competition and a thinner piece of a shrinking pie for traditional grocers.”

• Del Monte recently sponsored an interesting event in Bossier City, Louisiana - the company sent a truckload of fresh fruit and active fruit games to the Sun City Elementary School there so that students could consume all the fresh fruit they wanted to while also learning about healthy eating habits. The elementary school was selected for the event because it was one of the top winners in North America with seven teachers winning a Del Monte-sponsored online contest.

• The Chicago Sun Times reports that the Subway fast food sandwich chain has passed McDonald’s “as the largest restaurant operation in the world, as determined by the number of locations ... Subway, which for years has used the successfully dieting Jared Fogle in its ads, reports 33,749 restaurants in 95 countries, as of the end of 2010. The latest count from McDonald’s, drawn from a regulatory filing made in late February, was 32,737 locations in 117 countries.
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