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The Tampa Tribune reports that Delhaize chains in the US - including Hannaford, Food Lion and Sweetbay - are launching “a new, store-wide brand of products called ‘My Essentials,’ with prices and nutrition levels directly targeted to beat comparable items at price-driven rivals like Walmart, Target and super-discounter Aldi.

For instance, if Walmart's ‘Great Value’ sandwich bread is 88 cents a loaf, Sweetbay spokeswoman Nicole LeBeau said say they'll beat that price on Sweetbay's ‘My Essentials’ bread. Same with yogurts, cheese, paper towels, eggs, trash bags, soda, canned beans, Ketchup, frozen pizza, bran flakes and more than 500 other items.”

The entire line should be in stores by summer.

According to the story, “The new food items will be trans-fat free, with lower sodium and sugars ... tested in third-party kitchens to match or beat rivals on taste and performance, the company said. Nutrition information (normally printed on the back or side) will appear on the front of the package. And Sweetbay officials say they'll offer a double-money-back guarantee if customers don't like the products.”
KC's View:
These days, it pays to have as many arrows in your quiver as possible if you are going to compete in the mainstream grocery business. So this would seem to make a great deal of sense.