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• Reports are that the 99 Cents Only chain has received a $1.3 billion takeover bid from the Schiffer/Gold family, which founded the company, and Leonard Green & Partners. The bid represents a 14 percent premium over the company’s closing stock price last Thursday.

The Schiffer/Gold family already owns 33 percent of the company.

Reuters Health writes that “soy foods and supplements probably don't help control high blood sugar, according to a new report.

“Some clinical trials have linked soy to better blood sugar control. But for the new study, researchers combined the results of two dozen previous trials and found that overall, boosting soy intake did not appear to improve people's blood sugar levels.

“There was some evidence of a benefit from soy foods like tofu, however, as opposed to soy supplements.”

• The Chicago Tribune reports that “about 16 percent of dinners tonight will come from the freezer aisle, an all-time high and up from 11 percent in 1990, according to the NPD Group.”
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