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The New York Times reports that Whole Foods is yet again sponsoring a film festival of environmentally themed movies, but this time, instead of running the films in churches, temples and schools, it will be using commercial theaters in both major markets (New York, Los Angeles) and smaller cities (Omaha, Kanas City).

According to the story, “Both a Web site,, and in-store promotions will point shoppers and others toward the offerings, all of which, in the inaugural round, are documentaries with an earth-friendly message ... Proceeds will contribute to grants in amounts yet to be determined — the expected range is $5,000 to $25,000 each — for a next round of environmentally minded films.”
KC's View:
You have to give Whole Foods a lot of credit. The company certainly thinks outside the box in its marketing efforts, and yet it is both highly consistent and focused in organizing its various initiatives around a core message.