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Marketing Daily reports on new Nielsen research saying that “men are spending more time in supermarkets, and women are spending more time on the couch watching the tube.”

According to the story, “Women are still doing the majority of shopping in all retail channels (with the exception of convenience stores), writes Todd Hale, SVP/consumer & shopper insights, in his analysis. And they also ring up bigger totals at checkouts, which implies they still do the heavy-duty weekly stock-up trips. But men aren't just running out for beer and chips: At the grocery store, women spend an average of $44.43 per trip, while men spend $34.81 -- and at dollar and warehouse club stores, women are only spending $3 and $5 more respectively per trip than guys are, the market research company reports.”

One of the reasons that men are doing more shopping: the unemployment rate continues to affect men to a disproportionate degree, and many of them simply have more time to do the shopping.
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