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Wine Spectator reports that “a recent study finds that drinking alcohol in moderation protects against dementia, even after age 75. Scientists from several German university psychiatric departments and primary-care centers reported in the study that, on average, the daily consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of dementia by nearly 30 percent compared to nondrinkers. Additionally, the risk is another 30 percent lower for people who drink between one or two servings per day.

"’Our study suggests that light-to-moderate alcohol consumption is inversely related to dementia among individuals aged 75 years and older,’ the scientists wrote. The team also found similar results in regard to Alzheimer's disease, classified as a specific form of dementia.”

While the results of the study were said to be encouraging, not everyone bought into the fact that there may be a chemical correlation between alcohol consumption and less risk of dementia.

One critic, Erik Skovenborg, a member of the Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board in Denmark, wrote: “Happy people with many friends have the most opportunities for social drinking and, in this study, alcohol consumption was significantly associated with factors that are protective for the development of dementia: better education, not living alone and absence of depression.”
KC's View:
Whatever it takes.

In the old days, I would have used this story as an excuse to make a wisecrack or slightly irreverent joke. But for the past year or so, we’ve been dealing with rapid onset dementia of a family member, and I’ve learned that there is nothing funny about it. It is a horrible, horrible way to go ... and I will do anything not to go through that, or put my loved ones through it.

Even moderate alcohol consumption.