retail news in context, analysis with attitude writes a new book, entitled “"Branded: How Retailers Engage Consumers With Social Media And Mobility," which maintains that social media can be effective in reaching out to older consumers.

According to the story, co-authors Bernie Brennan and Lori Schafer say that “buyers ages 52 and older are up to five times more engaged with social media than they were even two years ago. Not reaching out to them via social media is a mistake many retailers make.”

The story goes on: “Retailers can reach them through Facebook, which Brennan said is 70 percent of social media, and YouTube, which skews to an older demographic ... There's a method to targeting these older consumers through social media. Simply bombarding them with coupons and special offers doesn't engage them. Brennan said retailers needs to cement a relationship with these consumers and then try to sell them.”
KC's View:
I still can’t get past the fact that “buyers 52 and older” are defined as being older consumers.

I always want to respond to statements like that with Woody Allen’s final line to the Congressional committee from The Front.

BTW...if you are attending the Western Michigan University Food Marketing Conference next week, I’ll be facilitating a panel on social media that will feature, among others, Brad Keown of Facebook, Craig Elston of the Integer Group, James LaRue of Kellogg’s, and Rich Tarrant of MyWebGrocer. I’ve talked to all the panelists, and it should be fascinating ... and I hope that if you are in attendance, you’ll stop by and say hello.