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The British prepackaged sandwich chain Pret A Manger, having opened two locations in Chicago since last fall, plans to open at least three more stores there in the near future.

The openings are distinguished from those that took place in New York in that the chain’s first two Windy City locations have attracted as much traffic in a week as Manhattan stores that have been open for a decade, said CEO Clive Schlee.

According to the story, “Pret A Manger prominently posts calorie counts on its foods, donates leftovers each day to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and hires local vendors such as Gonnella bakery in Chicago for breads and Get Fresh Produce of Carol Stream for in-season fruits and vegetables. ‘We are known for our core product, the Granary sandwich, as well as our salads, coffee and baguettes,’ Schlee said. ‘We think that Chicagoans respect the speed, high-quality ingredients and our charity message’.”
KC's View:
I must admit that I’ve been surprised by Pret’s inability really catch fire in New York. I love them when I’m in London ... the quality is high, the cost is right, and the convenience hard to beat since they seem to be in more locations than Starbucks.