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Advertising Week reports on Babycenter's 2011 Mobile Mom Report, which says that “moms with smartphones like the iPhone spend more time with the mobile Web (6.1 hours a day) than the PC-based Web (4.1 hours).”

The story continues: “Of course more moms still have vanilla featured phones than smartphones. And among non-smartphone moms, PC-based Web consumption dominates mobiles—an average of 5.4 hours per day spent surfing the Web on a PC vs. 2.5 for the mobile Web.”
KC's View:
These numbers are staggering for two reasons. One is the amount of time that moms are spending on the mobile web. And the other is how much time they are spending on the web overall. In other words, you know where they are, you know they are looking for connections, their actions can be targeted and their responses to your marketing efforts can be tracked.

The ever-increasing penetration of smart phones suggests that marketers are going to have to adjust their budgets to compensate for this shift. As I heard one expert say this week in one of the panels I facilitated, you can’t just “sprinkle” a little money for mobile and social marketing on top of an overall budget, or put mobile and social media at the bottom of the list. It has to be at or near the top of the list ... and these numbers vividly illustrate why.

Still, with smartphone penetration on the rise (and $50 iPhones now on the market), the demos media consumption is likely to become far more mobile-centric.