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USA today features an interview with Bill Simon, the head of Walmart’s US business, who said that he believes that inflation “is going to be serious,” based on “cost increases (that are) starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate."

Simon says that inflation could actually help the company regain its reputation for price leadership, which was eroded by tougher competition from the likes of Target and Aldi, as well as its own actions in raising prices to cover increased expenses.

“We're in a position to use scale to hold prices lower longer ... even in an inflationary environment," Simon says. "We will have the lowest prices in the market."
KC's View:
I’ve always thought that a wounded Walmart is a dangerous Walmart. And these days, the company is wounded. Expect a major “low price” push in the coming days, as the company looks to reassert its authority in this segment. That’ll dovetail with its increased emphasis on convenience, which will be highlighted in its small store initiative.

And if that doesn’t work? Well, then you can expect a new management team to be installed.

BTW ... what is the over-under on when Walmart gets its first female CEO?

Just asking...