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The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. announced that beginning next week it will launch “Senior Appreciation Mondays," described as “a new special discount program for seniors in all Pathmark stores. Through the program, every Monday customers over the age of 55 will be able to save five percent on their grocery purchases of more than $30, excluding pharmacy items, milk, tobacco products, beer, wine and spirits. “

A&P also said that it will launch "Senior Appreciation Tuesdays" with the same eligibility requirements for customers at Superfresh stores in and around Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, April 5th, and at all A&P, Food Emporium and remaining Superfresh stores on April 19.
KC's View:
Fifty-five? You gotta be kidding me.

People who are 55 or older aren’t seniors. And speaking for myself, I don’t want to be appreciated as such.

This isn’t just male vanity speaking. I actually think that marketers have to be very careful about this kind of stuff - that they run the risk of offending people when they suggest that people who are 55 are entitled to “senior” treatment. Most of us don’t think of ourselves that way, and don’t want to be treated that way.

At least I don’t. And I cannot believe I am alone in this.