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The Boston Globe reports that Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino is signing an executive order that will expand “his ban on sugar-sweetened drinks in schools to include all city properties and functions, a sweeping restriction that means that calorie-laden soft drinks, juices with added sugar, and sports drinks like Gatorade will no longer be offered in vending machines, concession stands, and city-run meetings, programs and events ... The mayor, who has battled weight issues, said that too many Bostonians are overweight or obese and that he wants to make healthy choices easy for them.”
KC's View:
I have no problem with not serving such drinks in schools; I firmly believe that schools should not just try to encourage highest-common-denominator thinking, but also highest-common-denominator living, and that includes good nutrition and adequate exercise.

But adults are capable of making their own decisions. I think some folks over-react to hysteria about the so-called “nanny state,” but this is a case where they would be right. Provide nutritional information all you want, but this is yet another case where “banned in Boston” does not have a good connotation.